bok choi with mushrooms


Trader Joes had fresh baby bok choi last time I went shopping. I like the baby bok choi because it’s small enough that you don’t really have to cut it much. Bok choi can be difficult to bite through, because it’s a fairly stringy, fibrous vegetable, so the smaller the pieces, the easier it is to eat.



fresh bok choi
crimini mushrooms, sliced
sesame oil
soy sauce
black pepper


Wash the bok choi and slice the heads in half. Clean and slice the mushrooms. Heat vegetable or olive oil in a skillet.


Sautée the sliced mushrooms until partially cooked. Don’t overcrowd the pan, give them some room. Mushrooms sweat as they cook, so there will be enough moisture for them to steam naturally. Season with soy sauce, a splash of sesame oil (very powerful) and your spices. You can use fresh garlic and ginger, but I ran out, so I used powdered.



Add the bok choi, reduce heat, and cover. Steam until the bok choi is a bright green. Don’t overcook it. Finish by turning up the heat and sautéing until slightly browned. Serve hot.



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