Hi, I’m Becca. I’m a product designer. I write a design blog, if you like that sort of thing too. This blog is really for me, as a way to document my way through a big project. I’m cooking my way through the family cook book that I wrote a few years ago. I want to redesign it, both typographically, and photographically. In this blog, I’ll post family recipes, trials, errors, notes, combinations, and photographs as I make my way through the book. I’ll probably also add a few recipes or modify them as I go, and eventually I’ll post typographical explorations of the second edition, when I get around to that part of the project. The first edition has over 80 recipes, and is about 200 pages, but without a single photograph, so I can’t wait to see what this one will be like!

I got to meet Ferran Adrià twice while I was living in Barcelona. Once, at his restaurant, Tickets, and again a few months later on my 21st birthday at the adjoining bar, 41°. He signed my oyster menu! This year on my 25th birthday I also received a signed menu from Chef Nori Kusakabe at his michelin star restaurant, eponymously Kusakabe. I just framed both of them as a diptych.


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