Quick Tip 02: instant iced tea


Okay, I’m not sure this post counts as a recipe. I just wanted to play with my camera because the lighting in my apartment is perfect right now. Basically, it’s kind of hot today, and I wanted iced tea, but I don’t have any tea that will steep in cold water.

How to instantly get iced tea (it takes two minutes, I’m not a magician).

Fill a glass 1/3 of the way with hot water and steep your tea in it for a minute or so. (I used peppermint) Then add fresh mint leaves (trust me they taste excellent). You can crush these in your hands a bit first to bring out the flavor. Then fill the glass to the top with ice cubes (after the tea is the right color). As the cubes melt in the hot water, you will have a glass of iced tea, instead of hot tea. Et voilà. Another recipe for impatient, lazy people.



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