tastes like Spring


I bought six Meyer Lemons today. It may be January, but it’s been getting brighter and warmer every day.

This isn’t really a recipe, and it’s pretty easy to do.


1 small Meyer lemon
1 bunch of fresh mint leaves
1 tsp honey
8 oz of cool water


Steep the mint leaves in hot water for a few minutes, until the water starts to turn green. Then strain the leaves and put them into the serving glass. You can dissolve the honey in the mint water, or wait until you have transferred the leaves to the other glass. It depends how sweet you want the drink. Slice the Meyer lemon in discs. Remove the seeds before also placing slices into the serving glass. Add back the sweetened mint water, stir, and serve! Et voilĂ , non-boring, refreshing sipping water. It’s not lemonade or water, it’s perfectly in between. You can scale this up to pitcher-size, as well as using a number of different combinations of citrus fruits.



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