deviled eggs


I just learned deviled is only spelled with one L, not two. This recipe post is late. I made these a week ago but I’ve been so busy with work that I didn’t have time to edit the photos or write the recipe.



hard boiled eggs
dijon mustard
celery salt
black pepper
parsley (optional)

Deviled eggs are pretty easy, and fairly straight forward. It’s almost the same as making egg salad, except it requires discipline, and being a perfectionist is useful. Every time I write about hard boiled eggs, I’ll tell you that the easiest way to peel them is under cold running water. For deviled eggs, it’s especially important to neatly peel your eggs, because nicks and dings in the egg white will show, and don’t make for very nice presentation.



Carefully separate the shell from the egg white membrane. If your eggs boiled evenly, this next part will be easy, but sometimes the yolk will be off-center, leaving one side of the white too thin or fragile. Try to slice your eggs in half in a way where the thin section won’t affect the strength of the egg as a holder for the filling, or disrupt the aesthetics of a perfectly centered egg.

Delicately pop the egg yolk out of the white and into a mixing bowl. Clean and dry the egg whites and set them aside.



In a mixing bowl, combine 1 tbsp or so of mayonnaise with the egg yolks until fully blended. Then add about a tsp of dijon mustard (to taste). When fully combined, add celery salt, paprika, and black pepper.



The easiest way to prepare your eggs neatly is to scoop the yolk mixture into a plastic bag and cut off the corner (like a pastry bag). Squeeze an even amount of yolk into each egg. Top with paprika and parsley (optional).




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