summer salad


This is a simple summer salad. I have my favorite salads, but I try to mix it up occasionally.


mixed greens
red bell pepper
persian cucumber
cherry tomatoes
fuji apple
goat cheese

No salad is quite the same. I usually just wing it with whatever I have. One of my coworkers brought a large basket of homegrown yellow cherry tomatoes to work, and they are unbelievably sweet. The red medium tomato is also from his garden.


Slice the cucumber, apple, and bell pepper. Toss with the mixed greens, almonds, and dressing. Crumble the goat cheese over the top of the salad. (If you try to toss the goat cheese into the salad before you dress it, it gets soggy, so it’s better across the top after dressing)


Served with sliced cucumber, tomato, and bell pepper.


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