tuna salad


This is a basic tuna salad. You can add all sorts of things (like pimento olives or gherkin pickles, etc).


1 can tuna fish (chunky white or solid albacore in water)
1/2 tsp mayonnaise (for a small can)
1/2 tbsp mayonnaise (for a large can)
lemon juice
celery salt
black pepper





Drain the tuna by squeezing the lid into the can. If the tuna is mushy, turn the can out onto a paper towel to absorb the extra moisture. In a bowl, use a fork or a spatula to combine mayonnaise with tuna until you reach the desired texture. You can always add more mayonnaise, but you can never take it out.

Dice the celery as small as you’d want it to be in your bites, and add as much of it as you’d want the salad to be crunchy. I like my salad to be mostly celery! Sprinkle celery salt and black pepper across the top of the salad then mix thoroughly. You may want to chill the salad before serving. Excellent in a sandwich or on crackers.






Pictured with simple tomato salad: Cherry tomatoes, sliced in half, with fresh torn basil and balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Salted to taste.

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