sweet green salad

I tend to improvise on this recipe with whatever I have in the house. I’ve always been more of a fruit-and-nut salad girl than a veggie salad girl, but you can do either.


this salad

Romaine Lettuce
Baby heirloom tomatoes (sub cherry tomatoes)
Dried Cranberries
Goat Cheese


(see more details in this post)

yield: salad for 4

1 tsp dark balsamic vinegar
1 tsp white balsamic vinegar
1 tsp dijon mustard
squeeze of lemon
pinch of kosher salt (much better flavor/texture than iodized table salt)
2 tbsp olive oil

In the bowl of a mortar & pestle, combine both vinegars with the mustard until blended. Add oil and continue to mix until it reaches an even consistency. Add squeeze of lemon and pinch of salt to taste.


I like to tear my lettuce as opposed to cutting it. Slice the tomatoes in halves, dice the avocado, mix all ingredients except for the goat cheese into a bowl. Lightly dress and toss. Pour into serving dish and sprinkle goat cheese on top. Serve.



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