grapefruit salad


Simple winter salad. (To me, grapefruit is a wintery fruit, but I would eat this year round)


I’m going to list the version I made (A), and an alternate recipe (B), if I’d had the ingredients.

Ingredients A

half a fresh grapefruit, peeled
raw, whole almonds
goat cheese, crumbled
mixed leafy greens
balsamic vinaigrette

Ingredients B

half a fresh grapefruit, peeled
crushed, toasted macadamia nuts
shaved fresh fennel (the plant, not the seeds)
goat cheese, crumbled
mixed greens, highlight arugula
citrus dressing.


You can either peel the grapefruit out of its skin and membrane, or you can slice it in half, crossways, and carve out the grapefruit chunks with a knife. I already had half a peeled grapefruit, so I used it. Make sure you don’t leave any of the membrane in the salad.


Toss the nuts, dressing, and lettuce in a bowl. Place in serving bowl/plate, and top with grapefruit (and fennel) and crumble goat cheese. Easy to make (if you have the patience to deal with grapefruit) and excellently delicious.




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