pesto zucchini


Technically, this is Pesto Zucchini “Pasta,” except there isn’t any pasta to be seen. Really, it’s just zucchini sliced to mimic spaghetti. It’s just as satisfying, except you don’t have the issue of having carbohydrates, gluten, or calories! My sister, Lily, and I made this a few months ago, which is where I got the idea.



Pesto Sauce (I used homemade pesto, but storebought is fine too)
Pine Nuts
Shiitake Mushrooms
salt to taste

When choosing your zucchini at the grocery store, find the longer ones, rather than the more stout ones. After you wash the zucchini, julienne the squash. Aim for long, thin pieces, like linguini.




Sautée the zucchini in a skillet with olive oil. Toss it a few times to brown the sides. Then add a bit of water, turn down the heat, cover, and steam the squash until it’s mostly cooked. The brighter green it becomes, the closer it is to being fully cooked.


Meanwhile, in a separate skillet, sautée your cleaned and sliced shiitake mushrooms in olive oil. Following advice from Julia Child, “don’t crowd your mushrooms!” Mushrooms will release liquid and reduce in size as they cook. If you overcrowd the pan, they won’t cook as quickly. You’re just browning them a little before you add them to the zucchini pan.



When the zucchini reaches the consistency you prefer, take off the lid, turn up the heat, and finish in a bit of oil. Add the mushrooms, turn off the heat, and add the pesto. Now is the time to add the salt if you want any. Use a soft spatula to mix the pesto into the zucchini so you don’t break the strands.

Garnish with extra pine nuts for texture. Enjoy!




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